More Lumens per Watt
More Value per Lamp

More Lumens per Watt
More Value per Lamp

If it ain’t broke, make it even better.

AreaMax™ LED luminaires deliver more lumens per watt and even more options for configuration and application. Unrivaled reliability plus Photocontrol Failsafe makes them the lowest cost of ownership area light on the market.

What's New:

+  Powerful light engine achieves an industry leading lumen performance
+  80W and 100W models replace 200-250W HID
+  New 30W model delivers lumens equivalent to legacy 40W model – saving more energy! And much more... details below

About AreaMax

AreaMax is a utility-grade LED luminaire designed for area and security lighting applications, residential street lighting, and parking lots (replacing 100-250W HID fixtures).

AreaMax’s proven reliability and smart features like Photocontrol Failsafe and ConnectLED combine to give it the lowest cost of ownership of any LED area light on the market, with a 10-year warranty to back it up.

New product family includes 30W, 80W and 100W plus updated 40W, 55W and 70W configurations.

Download 80w-100-w Data Sheet

Download 30w-70w Data Sheet

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Find Out More!

AreaMax Luminaire Highlights


More Powerful Light Engine

More lumens and greater uniformity of light


Lens Engineered for Beautiful Light

Dome and flat lens options in both Type V and Type III light pattern, with Dark Sky Friendly options


Robust, Redundant Surge Protection

20kV/10kA Category High C surge protection with four progressive layers of surge limiting


Signature Light-Weight Housing

Proven, lightweight, cast aluminum design with heatsinking fins to maximize cooling. Now includes tapped bosses for new light shield. New grommet solution accommodates no-pigtail options.


Lineman Friendly Modifications

Updated housing features tapped holes in casting to make mounting easier

Additional Features


Photocontrol Failsafe™

Never roll another truck for a failed photocontrol



Wireless Lighting Management from 100’ away

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